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Monday, April 12, 2021

Reading is the only way to revive the lives of others, give us their voice, and inhabit their spirit.
"Joyce Carol"


It wasn't better time than it is now, spring, plenty of time and a lot of fun. But are children under the age of three good at reading? Yes, the stories that children read with their parents have a great impact on the development of a child's mental development. He will learn different linguistic terms from the surroundings of his daily life.The whole family can share the pleasure of reading through a wide range of e-books available. We offer you a list of suggested books by appropriate age group:


Children aged 0-2 years:
Children's skills develop rapidly day by day, hearing sensation becomes more intense over time and sense of sight as well. ..Choose a book with large and clear images and phrases that attract it visually. Or books about the world around him, animals, trees and flowers.He learns a lot from what he sees.


Nursery 3-5 years:
The best thing about this age is reading time, as the child enjoys being next to his parents as well as the fun stories he reads with them. Bedtime stories, early morning or mealtime are best for children. Choose short and simple stories as the child enjoys hearing the voice of his parents as well as the events of the story.


junior reader 6-8 years:
In this age group, a child has many skills that enable a good understanding of numbers, learning more logic and language, sophisticated and more detailed images and drawings. You will notice that your child has become more independent. The most beautiful thing you give at this stage is a book that develops its language abilities and intellectual skills.



Aِble reader 9-13 years
In this age group, his reading idea is reinforced as a benign habit, he can read various texts and predict story events and events.



Insatiable reader 13 years and older
The book is a smart choice for adolescents by presenting problems and solving them, and the adolescent learns about the situations of life he or she may go through, which contributes to the development of his skills. The book becomes the reader's personal advisor, giving him happy moments through the events of the story he reads.




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